We provide portable and water saving devices for personal hygiene

See our products (Pocket Bath, Pocket Shattaf and Pocket Sink) to check out what’s so special about them and learn more about the actions we take to end hygiene poverty

We provide different solutions for every situation

We dedicate our water-saving and portable kits to everyone who has or may have a problem with access to running water

  • Camping & outdoor

    For every outdoor enthusiast as a portable solar shower and a camping sink.

  • Outdoor Workers

    For people on the road or working in the field – a road shower or outdoor sink that will accompany you, wherever you are.

  • Humanitarian Aid

    For refugee camps or slums – we provide personal hygiene systems that can be used with no running water.

  • Emergency

    Keep it as an emergency kit in case of a water supply system failure – at home, in the office.

Tested successfully and safely in a real environment

The impact of Pocket Bath was researched in 34 countries on 5 continents. More than thousand people took part in our study

Our products help real people in real world

Check our clients’ testimonies about Pocket Bath, Pocket Sink and Pocket Shattaf.

  • HandyShower is a well-thought device suitable for diverse users’ needs. I believe that it will be a very useful device in humanitarian aid projects.

    Alina Pelka Founder & President of the Board at Yorghas Foundation
  • I like the simplicity and effectiveness of your system compared to the Whale foot pump mechanism we have used in versions of our WWashPot and WWashTank.

    Michael Messenger Design Director at AIRCELL STRUCTURES
  • The Handy Shower is extremely useful for personal hygiene in remote settings, keeps you clean wherever you go, and is simple to carry anywhere! The Handy Shower should be part of any outdoor tour or emergency aid mission!

    Bastian Schnabel CEO at Endave Software
  • It’s extremely lightweight! I am super impressed. I can easily see taking this on a backpacking trip.

    Jody Stickle
  • Offering four different kit options seems market friendly. For backpacking I would need only the Starter Kit of shower head and nozzle, applying those parts to the hydration hose and bladder I already carry.

    see the whole feedback: backpackgeartest.org

    Joe Schaffer
  • The Handy Shower was indeed handy! Its array of showerhead nozzles gave me plenty of options for cleaning humans and dogs. The attachments are easy to change-out and the handle is simple and effective to use one-handed. The nearly 2 L bladder size was just right for wetting three big dogs, or cleaning my family of four around camp, or as a water carrying /filtration bag. The 74 in (1.8 m) hose, provided ample length for my needs but I felt a shorter option would be better for backpacking.

    see the whole feedback: backpackgeartest.org/


    Jamie J. DeBenedetto
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