FAQ: What is HandyShower? Possible uses? Who is it for?

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  • 1. What is HandyShower?

    HandyShower is a water-saving and multifunctional device for personal hygiene, which due to the interchangeable nozzles can serve as a portable tap, bidet or shower. HandyShower is the best solution in the world considering weight, size, versatility, durability, intuitiveness, water saving qualities and cost.

  • 2. What are the possible uses for HandyShower?

    HandyShower solution combines three functionalities: a faucet, a shower and a  bidet in one device with water-saving qualities and hands-free cleaning function.

    Due to the system of interchangeable nozzles HandyShower can be used for many different purposes like cleaning equipment (bikes, kayaks or motorbikes), washing dishes, cleaning your pet in the outdoor or in any other situation in the absence of sanitary infrastructure (music festivals, camping trips, hitchhiking, pilgrimages). HandyShower allows for a rapid and complex improvement of standard of hygiene in emergency conditions.

  • 3. Who is HandyShower for?

    Our mission is to solve the global problem of the lack of access to running water for hygienic purposes by providing solution that meets the basic needs of personal hygiene. It is addressed to anyone who has or may have a problem with access to appropriate personal hygiene conditions caused by external circumstances, e.g. at the desert or in areas affected by humanitarian disasters. Handyshower will certainly make life easier for travelers, camping enthusiasts, preppers, truck drives, dog lovers, canoeists, pilgrims, people supporting ecological solutions and outdoor enthusiasts. HandyShower will surely be useful to those who like being prepared for the unexpected.

  • 4. What is included in the HandyShower kit?

    See our sections “Kits” www.washinnovation.com/handyshower/kits/

  • 5. What makes HandyShower stand out among other portable showers?

    HandyShower is the only 3-in-1 device for personal hygiene on the market. Due to the interchangeable nozzles, the device can be used as a tap, a bidet, or a shower. Moreover, the patented self-closing valve facilitates the efficient use of water and hands-free cleaning function allows to wash hands without touching the valve (according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 80% of common infections are spread by hands).

  • 6. How much water can the HandyShower bag hold?

    Water bag included in the set has a capacity of 2 liters. We are currently preparing a 5 and 10-liter version, however, if that is not enough for you, HandyShower can be easily connected to other tanks.

  • 7. How effective is the water bag? Is its capacity sufficient for taking a shower? How many times can you wash your hands?

    2 liter capacity is sufficient for a child. An average adult person needs around 3 liters of water to take a shower. However, washing hands requires around 200 ml of water, hence the water bag should be enough for 10 washes.

  • 8. Can HandyShower be used with other water tanks? How does the device work with e.g. a bucket?

    HandyShower can be easily used with other tanks such as canisters, solar shower bags, or even bottles, however, they all have to be placed above the shower head.

    Instructions how to connect HandyShower to other tanks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWjbgckMcEg


  • 9. How to change the nozzles of HandyShower?

    Changing the nozzles is very simple: to remove or install the nozzle just turn it and pull it up/press it down. Click here to see:


  • 10. What if it is impossible to hang the water bag?

    HandyShower is powered by gravity, therefore, the water tank has to be placed above the shower head. Just put the water tank e.g. on the roof of the car or any other elevated place so that the tank is at least 0,5m above the device.

  • 11. How much does one HandyShower kit weigh?

    The simplest kit ‘Basic’ including the shower head, the tube, and one nozzle weights only 95 grams. The Premium + kit, which includes all additional elements along with the pedal (for hands-free cleaning) weights approx. 400 grams.

  • 12. How do you heat water inside the HandyShower bag?

    To heat the water inside the tank place it in a sunny area and wait about two hours.

  • 13. Where is HandyShower produced?

    Individual elements of HandyShower device are manufactured in Poland, China, and Taiwan. Final assembly takes place in Poland.

  • 14. How durable is HandyShower device?

    We are currently testing the durability of the valve. First test lasted 8 months (for 8 hours a day). We managed to press the device 800 000 times, after which the valve started leaking. Click the link to see how we tested it: https://youtu.be/NvMRX91JdO0

  • 15. Can I wash my hands using HandyShower?

    Sure! Long nozzles (with 5 and 6 holes) are especially designed for hand washing.

  • 16. Is it possible to use HandyShower with one hand?

    Of course, you can easily control HandyShower using just one hand. You can also use a pedal for a hands-free cleaning function.

  • 17. What materials is HandyShower made of?

    ABS, Polypropylene, NBR rubber, PVC, stainless steel spring.

  • 18. How long does it take to empty the water bag assuming that the bag contains 1 liter of water?

    The time depends on the position of the water tank. With the use of the standard short nozzle with 9 holes and a bag with 1 liter of water 0,5m above the ground the average time of water flow is around 50 seconds (of a constant flow). However, if we place the bag 1,5m above the ground, which creates a very strong pressure the time will be 20 seconds (of a constant flow). When using a longer nozzle with one or three holes the time of flow will be twice as long.

  • 19. What is so complicated or difficult about the HandyShower valve?

    There are many water valves and they all have different uses. Some are durable, others are cheap or portable. Until now, however, there was no valve that would be small, light, durable, reliable and affordable at the same time. The HandyShower valve has been developed over many years of trials and experiments. We are still conducting durability tests – you can follow it here https://youtu.be/vl1A4kGAYf4

    The valve was developed in accordance with the guidelines of organizations such as Oxfam or the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent; the guidelines can be found here (Household Handwashing Device). The problem is significant and many organizations announced contests for handwashing devices. The contests were popular among engineers all over the world, including engineers working for Boeing, Airbus or Formula 1.

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